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febrero 10, 2012



diciembre 8, 2011

tadaa! it just took me 2 months to upload my blog! I have some bad excuses like a trip to Europe, medium trip to New Orleans, mini trip to Julian, move in to a new house , opening party… and the best one; work, work and work.

Here’s some of my latest work and some interesting things I found in my little life recently…

Some examples of how boring it is to be vegetarian…

nuevos horizontes…

Jack in the light or Jackdelight

mystic mycelium morning

yep..baking ginger cactus cookies…

Working on what I personally think is one of the best American inventions: apple pie.

Bake apple pie not militar bases!


I need to do a painting based on this, how funny… be a ginger lover!

flower of life

ámbar comestible

non-stop little by little busy lil’ bee

agosto 31, 2011

God bless the spanish section



blindbuddys fever

August 3rd


julio 12, 2011

My talented friend Mike Flores took a good picture of my peacock today, that means i’ll have prints soon…





julio 9, 2011

They wrote to me from las Vegas to explain their interesting ideas…

The first one, a tattoo with three little birds, inspired by Bob Marley’s song,

the other idea given, was to make a jack of hearts playing card with different

expressions and elements to each side. Both gave me freedom to play with my own style. Thanks guys!

My first 4th of July in the un-Unites States.

mi ultimo invento culinario tiene nombre: “my green theory”

1.Aguacate con aceite de oliva y balsámico.

2.Espinacas salteadas con cebolla roja y ajo.

3.Portobello salteado con cebolla y salsa de pesto/espinacas casera.

A fun walkin globetrotter, he wanted an air balloon with a compass on the side of his chest.

dotus flower

julio 4, 2011

For her first tattoo, Ray wanted a lotus flower. She came to the appointment with bruises all over her body from martial arts training, in perfect shape to hold more pain! she did great.

day off: the art of cooking

junio 30, 2011

= healthyummy…

Eating and cleaning go hand in hand with the art.